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We don't sell cheap websites - We sell websites cheap

Hosting Space

Our hosting choice is reliable, personal and fast.  In fact, the choice has been clear since 2001 when our services began.  We chose the host based upon being similarly self-employed, honest and reasonably priced.  Each space is sufficient for you to expand later if needs be with latest versions of PHP, CSS, etc, and CPanel access.

Custom Designs

WIX and GODADDY offer the choice of designing your own website, but you need to do all the work.  Our packages are complete design and hosting (on a yearly basis) and NO hard feelings if you want to change hosting space later.  A design is offered for your perusal with input from yourself at the beginning.

Complete Service

A complete service is on offer for the agreed price.  Other companies quote a price, then try to add on extras (at extra cost).  The basic package includes a ".co.uk" domain name (where available), worth around £15 per year.  Other name types will be at cost, and help deciding the name can also be offered.

Site Design

Got no idea about what the look will be?  Don't worry, the end result will be designed and implemented with your input and media, and updates can easily be performed if required.
It doens't become live until you are happy with the result, although there are limitations to this.

Web Solution

Your web hosting will be based in the UK at the UKFast datacentre.
Rapid satisfying support by qualified technical support staff, and all our servers are fully managed 24/7/365 with nightly backups for all websites.

Loyal Customers

Some customers have been around since the beginning, circa 2001. These loyal customers, on occasion, benefited from periodic revamping of their sites free of charge. This can't  be guaranteed but it shows our dedication to customer service.


Self taught during the 1980's, Andy learned BASIC and MACHINE CODE and then moved on to programming as a career choice.  During the 1990's he developed skills in DELPHI, moving on later to HTML, Javascript, PHP etc.  By the late 1990's he was already offering website and programming services, along side computer sales and repair. 

Modern Technologies

Nowadays a website must be MOBILE FRIENDLY, or there will be a lack of customers.  Programming for that medium isn't easy.

Big Projects

.... or little projects, one page or 20, the service we offer covers them all.  Just ask...

Customer Services

Our aim is always to provide excellent service, as we would expect to receive.  Striving for this is number one importance.


Website Examples

A limited number of screenshots are available for you to view although the actual site for some of them, have long gone.  Real examples are available though.

Beijing Paradise



A loyal customer for a number of years, and even ordered a 2nd website for their cocktail bar!

Examples of websites don't always prove the worth of the designer, as was discovered recently.  The portfolio was impressive, but the output disappointing.  Try us, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Feng Shui



A loyal customer for a number of years with 2 sites (sadly no longer running)

Pricing Plans



Express website

£  199
One time payment
  • Hosting 1 year
  • 1 Page design
  • Set up and design
  • see below for more elements



Standard website

£  399
One time payment
  • Domain ".co.uk"
  • Hosting 1 year
  • Set up and design
  • see below for more elements



Selling on your site

£  599
One time payment
  • Domain ".co.uk"
  • Hosting 1 year
  • Set up and design
  • Shop via  "Paypal"
  • see below

Plan Features

Features Basic Regular Premium
".co.uk" domain name, thereafter at costincludedincludedincluded
Assistance with "designing" your siteincluded included included
Hosting on UK Based Server 24/7 Support includedincludedincluded
Mobile friendly scrolling page website  (regular/Premium can also have)included option option
2+ page design with mobile friendly menu system websiten/aincluded included
Shop Solutions with links to "paypal" included *  n/an/a included
Membership Section for VIP area *n/an/a included
Blog Section updated by owner of site *n/an/a included

Extra Services

Don't want or need the full package?  Just need hosting or a quick website built?  Take a look at the extras we can provide. Domain services also provided, if you wish to get yourself a name and use for your website.

£ 99


  • UK Based Server
  • Hosted by Webcastle
  • Reasonable sized space with 24/7 service
  • Wordpress enabled
  • Daily Backups
  • Domain Parking 
  • Latest PHP, and file systems etc 


  • Single Page Website produced from your instructions / graphics
  • No frills website delivered pronto
  • Website can be uploaded to your space for you
  • Files provided to you (or can be hosted) for keeps

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Client's Words

"Andy sold me on the website in five minutes purely on the price - £199. I didn't have a clue as to what I needed but it sounded good.  My new business was selling panels not website designing so I left it to him.   I have to say, I was extremely happy with the design of it, very quick delivery and he was not worried when I requested a few small graphical changes"

name witheld


Questions and Answers

HTML, Javascript, PHP etc, the industry standard programming languages are the first choice for designing the website of your dreams and we use hand-coding where appropriate, plus new technology applications that make designing very quick and easy, such as Mobirise. 

Website programming is the resonably easy part of the process.  Deciding what you want to say and providing the graphical and textual elements is something that can take time.  This is a step that we help with, but ultimately the task is yours.  You don't need to know how to design or programme, just to know what photo or video you want displayed.  When we decide to take on your work, we'll give you a rough estimate on completion and of course will keep you fully aware of any deadlines or issues encountered.  It is in our interest to finish in a timely fashion because the quotation will be based upon anticipated hours of work required so if the project overruns, it will be costing us money.

Yes, in terms of we can make short videos, take photos and manipulate them, obviously at cost and not included in the package price agreed at the start of the process.

Providing you're upfront about the media and text elements, offering as much as you can, we're happy to revise the end result within reason and for a limited number of occasions.  It could be that you need to sit and think about the end result you'd like to see before contacting us, OR you can leave everything in our hands and trust the end result will be as good as you can get.

I did offer this at one point, but I really hate the application. When compared to my new favourites, it was clunky and very challenging to make a decent looking site.  Yes, that's probably just "me", there's plenty of wordpress designers doing  it better and quicker.  However, the output you'll get, in my opinion, is easier to manage and exactly what you want without the hassles.

£35 per hour for additional work or amending existing sites that we have provided.  2nd year hosting is £99.   Any other domain names such as ".com" OR renewal of ".co.uk is at cost applicable at the time (we will contact you via email with details before the renewal date).


"we don't sell cheap websites -
we sell websites cheap"

Contact Info

58 Field Close

Westbury, BA13 3AG


+44 (0) 1225 292288
answerphone active

Twitter me for questions and bookings

Satisfied and Loyal Customers are our aim, so just ask 

Informal Chat before Purchase

Of course, just email me. We can Skype or Zoom, or Meet.  Obviously getting a good service provider is essential and what appears on this website doesn't prove anything. Let me convince you in person!

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